Myles Jeffrey

Celebrity SpotlightMyles Jeffrey

By Dana Breene, 2003

Meet Myles Jeffrey, a highly talented 12-year-old whose career has taken him around the world on more than one occasion.  And for half of his 12 years, he's been acting, earning numerous film and television credits.  Myles has also performed voice-overs in "Babe: Pig in the City," and also supplied the voice of Cubey for The Cartoon Networks' "Robot Jones."

Along the way, Myles has shown his talent in several television programs.  He appeared as a regular in "Beverly Hills 90210," played guest roles in "E.R." and "Popular," and at 11-years-old, was the center of attention for his role in a controversial episode of "Family Law."

Myles is known for his considerable charm, megawatt smile, obvious intelligence (165 IQ), and a face the camera loves.  These are some of the reasons he has been asked to appear in numerous feature films, such as "Face Off," appearing as John Travolta and Joan Allen's son.  he also worked with Walter Matthau in "Odd Couple II."  And if you watch the Disney Channel, it's likely you've seen Myles in "Mom's Got a Date with a Vampire" and "Stepsister From Planet Weird.

He appeared in a CBS Movie of the Week, "Code 11-14," filmed entirely in Australia, and "Hoodlum and Son" (pictured on page) with Ron Perlman and Ted King, which required traveling to South Africa for filming.  But being a world traveler, the plane rides never even fazed him.

 Cast of "Mom's got a Date"
 From the movie, "Mom's got a Date with a
From Left: Myles, Caroline Rhea,
 Laura Vandervoort, Charles Shaughnessy and
 Matthew O'Leary.

When Myles gave a critically acclaimed peformance in "Early Edition," it earned him two Young Artists Award nominations and one award for Best Young Actor in a TV Drama Series.

With his celebrity status, Myles has been able to retain being "just a normal kid."  He and his family live near Los Angeles, California.  Besides his parents, he has two brothers, Ryan and Kyle.  Ryan is already a talented musician and Kyle is very involved in sports.

Myles is an active boy who enjoys wakeboarding, snowboarding, and roller hockey, to name a few.  His pets include a tarantula and two dogs.  Additionally, he has a large collection of rhinos.

"I love traveling to various locations around the world and was especially impressed with Australia and the wildlife," he said.

Myles' popularity extends beyond films and TV.  Recently, he was named spokeschild for Athletes and Entertainers for Kids; serves as a board member for Kids with a Cause; is involved in AIDS fundraising and education; and has been an active participant for the Hollywood Reporters' Youngstar and Young Artists Awards.  So it's not all surprising he's a member of MENSA, which consists of people from every walk of life whose IQ is in the top two percent of the population.

It's no wonder he's been called "One of the more exciting young actors to recently emerge."

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